Mission Accomplished!

Awesome job everybody – we did it!


The 4th of July 5K was an awesome success!  Pictured above are some of my clients,

many more friends and clients were there, and a major “thank you” for all your hard work

and dedication to your fitness!

Did you know that depending on the speed and your weight that running a 5K can burn

up to 500 calories AND most importantly it will trigger EPOC or “after-burn” which will

cause your body to burn significantly more calories than normal for the 48 hours after the


Coupled with an awesome charity or your local YMCA in this case, running a 5K is

completely bi-winning!  Until next time (when you join us!) here’s a peek at the fun we

all had at the race…

Boot Camp t-shirts for everyone…


Lots and lots of runner’s came…


Great job!                                        




This random guy wants a shirt…so I say 

“ok, but you have to earn it!” lol =>  








I made it! =)









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