Caught Cheating

You know the old saying, “Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win”…but when it comes to food and eating within strict guidelines there may be something to be said for cheating.  What?!  It’s true…

Some studies have indicated that your metabolism can benefit from surprise calories on a occasion and I think that having a ‘cheat day’ can provide mental relief for some people. So instead of saying to a friend at dinner on Thursday,  “No, I can’t have cheeseburgers”, even though you want one – which feels depressing, you can say “I will have a Cheeseburger on Sunday, I’ll have a salad today”.  A lot of people eat that way, with rules, to prevent over indulgence.


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If you do decide to have a cheat day or cheat meal make sure it’s out of the house so you do not have to buy and store the tempting items at home.

I read an article once about a famous slim celebrity who said she rotates between a very strict diet for one

week and then a relaxed week and so on….so whatever works for you. 

Now if you are or suspect you may be a full blown food addict or have an eating disorder then much like an alcoholic “cheating” may not even be an option meaning one bar of chocolate leads to 10 bars in which case I recommend use of a therapist or a 12-step program and carefully followed meal plan.

I provide my clients with various nutrition plans depending on their needs…you may also contact a local Registered Dietician to assist you.

What are your thoughts and experiences on this subject? Agree or Disagree?


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