Luckily I sliced my finger open today.

Pointing upIt does sound strange, but I really could not have picked a better day!  There I was minding my own business washing dishes on a Sunday morn when my digit was attacked by a hostile drinking glass!  It cut me to the bone, I grabbed ahold of the finger quickly and squeezed tight to keep the blood from shooting across the room and yelled out to my wife Nina.  She grabbed the keys and off we went to urgent care…


westlake village personal trainer | WARNING


…we arrived at Newbury Park Urgent Care and they rushed me in to a room.  My hand was turning blue from all the pressure I was applying.  It hurt like a you-know-what and as I started to freak out I kept thinking to myself “I’m a Marine, and not only can I take this pain right now but it’s a hell of a lot less than many other Marines have taken”.  This psyching myself out was helping. 

The doc came in after about 3 hours of waiting, okay 5 minutes, but it felt like 3 hours. He said that although I sliced through a good chunk of skin, muscle and blood vessels, that I am extremely lucky that my tendons and ligaments were not harmed and very lucky that he happened to be a surgeon from UCLA!  Here he is working on me…


westlake village personal trainer | doc at work


14 stitches later…


westlake village personal trainer | 14 stitches later


On our way out of there…


westlake village personal trainer | on our way home




westlake village personal trainer | the culprit


So needless to say I feel pretty grateful for all that went right today!  Oh and I guess one handed boxing pads equals a whole lot of jabs and left hooks for most of you for the next month or so!  Winking smile


I’m not prone to much injury and this was my first real deal finger slice, jeez I’ve never even broken a bone!  How about you guys?

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