Age ain’t nothin’ but a number!

Every year around this time I receive a visit from one of my favorite clients (you’re all my favorites), Anthony! He travels all the way from London just to box with me – ok his daughter lives here too – but we really do have a great time training every morning for the days he is in town. This year we kicked up the training a bit at my new gym in Thousand Oaks with some actual sparring… check out the video below!

Surprise…it’s your new Gym!

I finally did it, after years of hard work and months of planning, my wife and I have opened our own training center in Thousand Oaks!! “Hard Charger Training Center” is my dream Personal Training Studio and Boot Camp facility.


We were able to get an awesome retail space in a perfect location. My clients were floored, they had no idea – check out their reactions in this video…

Super Bowl Fun & Food

Super bowl

It’s Ray Lewis’ last chance for a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens, the 49ers are favored to win on Sunday by a 3.5 spread and Randy Moss claims he is the best wide receiver in the history of the game, this will be quite a showdown!

No matter which team you are rooting for the Super Bowl always entertains, Beyoncé will perform an epic half-time show & my client’s firm has several Super Bowl commercials featured this year – can’t wait to see them!

But no matter where you intend to enjoy the game you will likely be faced with a lot more junk food & alcohol than you know you should be having, am I right?! So here a few ways to make this weekend less of a weight gainer:

Marine Miguel’s Toy Drive 2012


One of my favorite time honored Marine Corps traditions is underway!

Don’t forget the little ones in need this week while you are out shopping! I’m starting my annual collection of Toys 4 Tots so please include a few unwrapped toys for the less fortunate on your list.

Check out this awesome video for motivation… Winking smile



Please share this post with your friends!

Marine Miguel & the United States Marine Corps thank you for your support!


2012 Camp Pendleton Mud Run – 10K


This year’s MARSOC World Famous Mud Run was outstanding! It was plenty muddy and highly motivating!

If you didn’t get a chance to make it, be sure to log on to on January 1st to register for next year’s races since they usually sell out in one day.

Get in Bedroom Shape Now!

In my recent blog post "Being Fat Sucks" we covered a bunch of reasons why unhealthy bodies lead to unhealthy minds and unhealthy lives. But one of the biggest challenges people seem to face is not being in good bedroom shape. Not feeling sexy or attractive is detrimental to your relationship with yourself, your partner and definitely inhibits intimacy. I mean, let’s face it – we don’t just want to work our butts off to be in good shape – we want to be in good bedroom shape and look better naked!

All too often I hear from clients that their weight, stress, exhaustion and body image issues are preventing them from really enjoying their bedroom time with spouses or partners.  Embarrassment from weight gain or lack of energy and libido are usually due to a lack of exercise.

Get in Bedroom Shape Now with Thousand Oaks Boot Camp

The thing is, these are easy problems to fix – if your “Why is BIG enough” (and in this case size does matter!) you can remedy this issue easily – train for the bedroom!  Not every ‘gym athlete’ is training for an event or competition, many are simply training for day to day life which includes a lot of time spent in the bedroom!

Why not live a full rich existence which includes a healthy and enjoyable intimacy with the one you love? If you are not exercising and eating right you are not only limiting your own happiness, you are limiting it for your loved ones as well – which is really pretty selfish when you think about it.

The Bitter Truth About Sugar!

If you haven’t heard already, you need to know more about sugar. It’s in almost everything you eat, and some doctors go so far as to call sugar a toxin. The average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar a year, much of which is in your beverages! Sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from obesity & heart disease to cancer.


Miguel’s 224 Burpee Challenge! (Video)

My most recent Facebook contest resulted in me getting stuck with 224 Burpees on my to do list! I neglected to include a “one comment per person” disclaimer, oops…LOL!

(You can CLICK HERE to see the whole original Facebook post)caption contest pic

Needless to say – I had fun making this video for you guys, which I shot in one continuous take over the course of 30 minutes…check it out –>>

Marine Miguel’s 31st Birthday Workout

I had the best time ever in Vegas celebrating my 31st Birthday last weekend!

It was so fun playing roulette with my Facebook friends too! If you aren’t one yet go here:

Check out the view from our suite on the 31st floor (coincidence?) overlooking almost the entire strip:


     Phenomenal view…right?!

Of course you know I had to work out…so in honor of my 31st Birthday I came up with a special workout for you guys. Make sure you perform my awesome Dynamic Warm-Up before this (and every) workout that you do.

Print workout & watch the video below to see me demonstrate it for you…

Marine Miguel’s 110% Push-Up Challenge


It’s your favorite day of the week – work out video Thursday!
This push-up challenge will eat some calories and get your cardio going…
Do it regularly and you will see major results!
Play video for demonstration and print out exercise check list below:
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