Lose weight without trying!

Who doesn’t like the sound of that?  Well there are many easy and even “sneaky” ways to

burn more calories each day without adding more grueling work outs or things you hate to


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Check out these awesome ideas…

· Park farther away from the door

· Carry bags or items upstairs one at a time

· Swing your arms or shadow box while walking or running

· Take stairs in office or mall

· Wash your own car by hand

· Put kitchen items or bathroom items that you use often in lower drawers so you have to

  squat to get them

· Use a balance ball at your desk instead of a chair

· While doing any standing task, organizing mail, your makeup, dishes, etc. stand on one

  foot as much as you can. (Switch sides)

· When watching TV, make commercials an exercise break, simply foam roll, do a yoga

  pose, or dumbbell curls for the break.

· Listen to fast tempo music while you clean the house

· Be your own gardener, mow your own lawn and trim your own hedges

· Look for small projects to occupy your time, like repainting a small wall in need

· Walk your empty grocery cart back to the front of the store

Any thoughts or tips of your own to share?

Please leave a comment below…

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