15 Crazy Easy Ways to Burn More Calories & Drop Weight Fast

With summer fast approaching and your bathing suit tormenting you from the closet I know you want to drop a few pounds in the next few weeks right? Of course – who doesn’t?!

Here are 15 crazy simple ways to burn more calories and lose weight easily and quickly:

1. Go to Miguel’s Boot Camp in Thousand Oaks

2. Take the stairs

3. Triple your water intake

4. Do intervals (sudden bursts of speed or intensity in your cardio)

5. Drink Green Tea

6. Have sex more often

7. Avoid sitting down, stand whenever possible

8. If you must sit, use a balance ball as your chair

9. Eat capsaicin – found in jalapeño and cayenne peppers

10. Chew sugar free gum

11. Take a Multi-Vitamin every day

12. Eat low-fat yogurt

13. Walk outside in the early morning when it’s cold out

14. Suck in your stomach whenever possible

15. Skip dinner a couple nights a week

I’m sure you have your own secret ways that work for you…

Don’t forget to share them below!

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