Get in Bedroom Shape Now!

In my recent blog post "Being Fat Sucks" we covered a bunch of reasons why unhealthy bodies lead to unhealthy minds and unhealthy lives. But one of the biggest challenges people seem to face is not being in good bedroom shape. Not feeling sexy or attractive is detrimental to your relationship with yourself, your partner and definitely inhibits intimacy. I mean, let’s face it – we don’t just want to work our butts off to be in good shape – we want to be in good bedroom shape and look better naked!

All too often I hear from clients that their weight, stress, exhaustion and body image issues are preventing them from really enjoying their bedroom time with spouses or partners.  Embarrassment from weight gain or lack of energy and libido are usually due to a lack of exercise.

Get in Bedroom Shape Now with Thousand Oaks Boot Camp

The thing is, these are easy problems to fix – if your “Why is BIG enough” (and in this case size does matter!) you can remedy this issue easily – train for the bedroom!  Not every ‘gym athlete’ is training for an event or competition, many are simply training for day to day life which includes a lot of time spent in the bedroom!

Why not live a full rich existence which includes a healthy and enjoyable intimacy with the one you love? If you are not exercising and eating right you are not only limiting your own happiness, you are limiting it for your loved ones as well – which is really pretty selfish when you think about it.

Luckily you can end the pity party and change yourself whenever you choose, mind over matter – it’s that simple – every single day you make choices that can change everything. Get up early every day, go to the gym or Boot Camp daily (like my Thousand Oaks Boot Camp!), eat to nourish your body and soul – not to stuff down your feelings. Talk less about what you are going to do and DO MORE! And whatever you do – be open, be open to your partner – to your kids and family and to new experiences. Do something that scares you every day. These actions will change your life for the better – I guarantee it!

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