How to build a killer obstacle course training wall!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!

Last week 2 of my boot campers and motivated Spartan Chicks (Candy and Jen) recruited their husbands (Mike and Tony) to build us a killer obstacle course training wall – inspired by Hobie Call himself!!

The wall is about 8 feet tall, about 6 feet wide, and is fully equipped with a “muscle-up bar” on one side and a “pull-up bar” on the other.  It only took about 2 hours to build and the materials ended up costing us about 100 bucks – can’t beat that!

We posted a pic of the wall on Facebook and you all went nuts wanting to know the specs – so you could build one of your own…  well, here you go!

Here’s what you’ll need to build your very own killer obstacle course training wall:

a. (2) 2” x 4” x 1’2.25”

b. (4) 2” x 4” x 6’11”

c. (11) 2” x 6” x 6’

d. (2) 2” x 4” x 10’

e. (2) 4” x 4” x 8’

f. (4) 2” x 4” x 6’9”

g. (4) H.D. Angle Brackets

h. (1lb) 3” Screws

i. (1) Screwdriver

how to build an obstacle course training wall (a & b)

how to build an obstacle course training wall (c & d)

how to build an obstacle course training wall (e & g)

how to build an obstacle course training wall (f)

complete obstacle course training wall


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  • Nicki Green says:

    I have 2 more races ahead of me this year and would definitley like to build one of these for the yard. Do you have a post that offers tips on getting over the wall? Thanks! ~A Spartan Chick

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