Being Fat Sucks

Alright so here’s the deal – I grew up skinny… and I fought most of my adult life to put on weight and muscle and keep it on.  Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking “Oh, poor Migs, no matter how much he tries; he just can’t manage to gain any weight – that must really suck… I feel so sorry for him!” Hey, let me tell you something – being a boy and being thin DOES suck!

But you know what?  NOTHING I’ve ever been through (and as a Marine, trust me I’ve been through a lot!) seems to even come close to the pain and suffering people go through when they are overweight. The hope of improving my client’s quality of life and my passion for helping them with their transformations has driven me to become not just a personal trainer but a weight loss specialist – and well, a pretty darn good one. fat sux

Over the years my clients, friends and family have shared many of the sad details with me… and if there’s one thing I’ve learned and know for sure it’s that – man, BEING FAT SUCKS and I really do, in my heart feel for you!

I mean, yeah being fat sucks for all the health related reasons, but most of all, the pain of the emotional and mental distress seems to be the worst part.  The embarrassment and shame drives most overweight people to hide from the world, to become withdrawn and depressed, not to mention the damage this mental stress causes to partners and loved ones.  The worst part is that you would think the secret medications and sleep apnea machines that nobody knows about, the avoided social events that you really want to go to but just keep having to make up excuses and lies to avoid, the inability to breathe, the difficulty you have performing simple day to day tasks like tying your shoes, and even the disinterest in sex or making love to your significant other – you’d think those would be some of the worst symptoms of obesity, but no, the worst symptoms seem to take place in lonely silence. The self-loathing and projection of disgust with one’s self tears at the fabric of relationships, and distorts the perception of reality. Numbness and hopelessness sets in and it takes a lot more than just a little motivation to get most people on the path to wellness.  Usually something major happens, a significant life changing event – the dam breaks, the levee falls apart, the feelings rush in and action is taken.  Candy B4 After 042012

I have witnessed SO many people climb out of the obesity pit of despair and reform their bodies and minds and I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of that!  I want you to know that if you are relating to any of this, any of it at all – there is hope, a solution does exist… and I can and help you – so please do not hesitate to email me or comment below – I will offer you any expertise I’ve got, you are not alone in this fight and it absolutely can be won!

«– My Client Candy Lost 91lbs!

And, if you are someone who has “been there, done that” and won the fight and continue to fight – frankly you know Being Fat Sucks, you know how hard it is and how lonely and desperate it feels – please help the ones still struggling by sharing your story or at least offering some words of encouragement in the comments below.  Thank You!

Committed to helping you win the war on fat – because it sucks!

~ Marine Miguel, NASM CPT

“Operation Enduring Fat Loss!”

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  • Marine Miguel says:

    So I finally decided to stop trying to sugar coat it… I just went ahead and said it like it is, I even dropped the “F” Bomb & everything!

    *Beware! This blog post gets a little intense at moments but let’s face it – it’s the truth & it uncovers the # 1 reason a majority of my clients want/need to lose weight!

    It will for sure make it onto my “Top 5 Blog Posts” list – Hope you like it! =)

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