Is Your Why Big Enough?

Hanging out with my dad is always such an inspiration, we don’t sit and talk too often – but when we do its awesome! Discussing motivation the other night, my dad stopped me dead in my tracks with this little gem….I had to record him explaining it so I could share it with you.

Thousand Oaks Boot Camp Personal Trainer asks Is Your Why Big Enough?

This is the single most important question you need to ask yourself if you want to change life or your health and fitness…

The Biggest Reason

Video Transcript:  “What is the biggest reason why you want to change the way you are? And if that reason is not big enough to make you cry, it’s not big enough. Find another one.”

He also said your “WHY” can’t be your “WHY NOT” – or it won’t work. Meaning if your kids are your motivation to work out and your excuse for not having time, energy etc. that it won’t work – find a new “WHY”!

My dad is a true inspiration to me…who’s your inspiration and why?


  • Marine Miguel says:

    Yo my dad dropped some serious “dad wisdom” on me with this one!

    I’m so glad he let me grab my camera & record him & that I’m able to share it with you! I personally must of watched this video like a hundred times in the last couple days!

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