Are you ready Spartans?!

Let’s do this!




Saturday, November 19th in Malibu. This race is a Spartan Sprint so it’s the most novice

level race they offer at only 3 miles in length anyone can do it…join me!

I have registered us as Team “Miguel’s Boot Camp”, I signed up already for the 9:00AM

Start Time.

Use the link below to sign up – and enter promo code ATHLETE to save 10% – it’s selling

out fast so don’t wait!


Ready yourselves & see you there SPARTANS!!

12 Easy Ways to Prevent & Treat Muscle Soreness

Everyone experiences sore muscles sometimes – it’s how you know you

really had a good workout right?  Well, here are some awesome ways to

reduce your discomfort…




Things you can do before your training session


Hydrate This should go without saying, but people forget. Drinking plenty of water is one of your best defenses against muscle soreness. I recommend 96 ounces per day to my clients.

Front-load your nutrition The food you eat before you workout is the fuel that your body will use to repair your muscles. Make sure to get plenty of good nutrition the day(s) before a heavy training session. A good rule of thumb for your macronutrient ratios the day before training is 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats. This should serve as a starting point for individual experimentation. The day of your training session you should be eating a diet high in protein, complex carbs, and “good, healthy” fats.

Wave Goodbye to Underarm Flab

Because Flab Ain’t Fab…


Many of my female clients have a major issue with “wing flap” syndrome – the loose area of skin beneath the bicep that tends to have a mind of it’s own sometimes!

Here are 5 very effective moves you can add to your daily fitness regimen with ease…and keep in mind that you will need to do these exercises daily for about 21 days before you will start to see awesome results.




One of the beacons of old-fashioned exercise enthusiasts, push-ups provide all sorts of benefits. To tighten and tone your underarms, you’ll want to place your hands close together on the ground. Once in the push-up position (on your toes or knees, torso straight and arms extended out to hold your weight above the ground), lower your body to the ground. As you go down, keep your elbows against your side. Once your chest touches your hands, push yourself back to the starting position, careful to keep your elbows by your side throughout the motion. Go for three sets of 8 to 15 repetitions each.



Looking for another easy triceps-shaper that you can do no matter where you are? Dips fit the bill nicely. To perform dips, find a weight bench, an ottoman or a couple of sturdy chairs. Facing away from the bench, bend down and place your hands behind you on the bench. Place your legs directly in front of you, the heels of your feet resting on the ground. Slowly lower your body until your arms make a 90-degree angle. Push yourself back to the starting position and repeat 8 to 10 times. Go for 3 sets.


Fruits, Veggies & Peacocks

Between the farm stand, the zoo, the tractor rides and field after field of produce for

the picking I can’t think of a much better outing for the family then Underwood Family

Farms in Moorpark! We had so much fun there last weekend I had to share. The produce

is healthy, the fresh air is awesome and strolling through the berry patch is fun and


Check me out with my produce wagon…Open-mouthed smile

westlake village boot camp


westlake village boot camp




westlake village boot camp

Oh, and you might see Jennifer Garner there with her kids!

westlake village boot camp

5K & 10K in Westlake Village

Several of my awesome clients (including super stars Connie, Christy & Candy) are

going to be doing the Love Run to benefit ‘Meals on Wheels’ in Westlake this weekend. 

Click the pic to link…

Westlake Village Boot Camp Personal Trainer

You can help by participating, sponsoring a runner or making a donation.

Also coming up… sponsored by the Rotary

Club of Westlake Village.


Do you know of any cool races coming up?  Please share…

Special Shout-Out…

I’m proud of all my clients and their hard work….but today I must share with

you the work-out efforts of my awesome client Diane…

…who is turning 67 tomorrow!


Check out what she did in our work-out this morning:

67 Step-ups

67 Squats

67 Sit-ups

67 Push-ups

67 1-2 Combinations of boxing




Happy Birthday Diane – You Rock!


westlake village boot camp personal trainer

westlake village boot camp personal trainer

Event: Memorial Day Boot Camp

Happy 3-Day Weekend Campers!


Just a quick FYI that I will be holding one Holiday Boot Camp Class at

UPF on Monday at Noon.

westlake village boot camp, miguel's boot camp, single file pank

Hope to see everyone there… Winking smile


Event: Outdoor Boot Camp at Triunfo Park Westlake Village

By popular demand I have set up another awesome outdoor excursion for this Saturday

May 21st Boot Camp class.  All members please meet-up at Triunfo Community Park

in Westlake Village at 10:00am. 

Outdoor Boot Camp Westlake Village

For details and directions please visit my Facebook Events page at:

This is going to be an awesome class filled with fitness, fun and fresh air

See you there! Open-mouthed smile

American Idol

Okay, so I am deviating slightly from the Health and Fitness theme of my Blog to tell you

about my AWESOME trip to American Idol on Wednesday – because it was so cool! =)

westlake village boot camp

My father-in-law has been friends with Steve Tyler for years and when we heard he was

judging Idol (one of my favorite shows) we naturally asked if there was a chance to go

see it LIVE…

Why Juice? Here’s why…

     The first home juice extractor was not invented until the 1930s. It was called the Norwalk Juicer, by nutritionist Dr. Norman Walker. He was 110 years old when he died in 1984. His juicer worked by grating produce, placing the resulting mash in a bag, and then squeezing the bag under a hydraulic press. It was big and clunky, but it made great juice.

new juicer

We are lucky to have so many amazing counter top machines available today, I just got

this one yesterday and it is seriously awesome!

Juicing helps you Lose Weight, Look Younger and…

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