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I’m shooting these videos for you every week now… and each workout comes complete with a printable cheat sheet! Be sure to bookmark this page, save it in your favorites and check back often for your FREE access to a quick and easy fat burning workout!

Marine Miguel’s 110% Push-Up Challenge


It’s your favorite day of the week – work out video Thursday!
This push-up challenge will eat some calories and get your cardio going…
Do it regularly and you will see major results!
Play video for demonstration and print out exercise check list below:

Marine Miguel’s 13 Minute Leg Workout

Hi guys – it’s Thursday so you know what that means…a new work out video for you!  This one’s going to target some of the most calorie burning muscles in your body. Do it regularly and you will see awesome results!

Play video for demonstration and print out exercise check list here:

12 Days of FIT-MAS Challenge


The 1st annual 12 Days of FIT-MAS Challenge was a huge success!


If you missed the Event on my Facebook page or fell off the fitness wagon – do not fear – you can start this challenge over at any time. Let’s get motivated, get off the couch and do this challenge together – you’ll thank me later!
Here’s your list of exercises:

Day 1: 1 Mile Run
Day 2: 2 Spiderman Lunges(each side) + Day 1
Day 3: 3 Tripod Twists(each side) + Day 2
Day 4: 4 Plank Up-Downs(each side) + Day 3
Day 5: 5 Squat Jumps + Day 4
Day 6: 6 T-Ups(each side) + Day 5
Day 7: 7 Supermans + Day 6
Day 8: 8 Mountain Climbers(each side) + Day 7
Day 9: 9 Side Lunges(each side) + Day 8
Day 10: 10 Push-ups + Day 9
Day 11: 11 Body Weight Squats + Day 10
Day 12: 12 Burpees! + Day 11

check out the vid

Day 1 – 12

post progress

Happy Birthday USMC

happy b-day marines

Every United States Marine (past, present, young and old) shares a birthday – November 10, 1775. It was on this day at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia that the Marine Corps was formed.
This day means just as much to us (if not more) than our actual birthday, so if you know a Marine, wish them a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Marines!
Semper Fidelis and OORAH!

I did a special work out today in honor of the 236th Birthday of the Corps, watch me in action and see if you can do it!

Marine Miguel’s USMC Birthday Work-Out




Indomitable Spirit: The 236th Marine Corps Birthday Message

USMC 236th Birthday Message




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