Age ain’t nothin’ but a number!

Every year around this time I receive a visit from one of my favorite clients (you’re all my favorites), Anthony! He travels all the way from London just to box with me – ok his daughter lives here too – but we really do have a great time training every morning for the days he is in town. This year we kicked up the training a bit at my new gym in Thousand Oaks with some actual sparring… check out the video below!

Surprise…it’s your new Gym!

I finally did it, after years of hard work and months of planning, my wife and I have opened our own training center in Thousand Oaks!! “Hard Charger Training Center” is my dream Personal Training Studio and Boot Camp facility.


We were able to get an awesome retail space in a perfect location. My clients were floored, they had no idea – check out their reactions in this video…

Mark’s Filthy 50th Birthday Workout!

This is how my awesome client Mark celebrated his 50th Birthday!  I like to give all my clients the gift of health and longevity for their birthdays, what did you give yourself on your last birthday?  Check out what Mark did in 50 Minutes:

mark h screen shot

I shot a video of his last set of 50 Burpees…Check it out –>>

2012 Camp Pendleton Mud Run – 10K


This year’s MARSOC World Famous Mud Run was outstanding! It was plenty muddy and highly motivating!

If you didn’t get a chance to make it, be sure to log on to on January 1st to register for next year’s races since they usually sell out in one day.

Is Your Why Big Enough?

Hanging out with my dad is always such an inspiration, we don’t sit and talk too often – but when we do its awesome! Discussing motivation the other night, my dad stopped me dead in my tracks with this little gem….I had to record him explaining it so I could share it with you.

Thousand Oaks Boot Camp Personal Trainer asks Is Your Why Big Enough?

This is the single most important question you need to ask yourself if you want to change life or your health and fitness…

Marine Miguel’s Double-Pump Countdown Workout

This awesome workout I put together this morning will get your heart rate up fast! Max cardio and max fat burn in minimum time…

Even the “King of the Pump” – would be proud. Winking smile

DP Arnie

Marine Miguel’s Cardio & Core Workout

This Cardio & Core Workout will have you sweating up a storm (don’t worry you won’t drown) and burning tons of calories and fat!

It consists of cardio (treadmill) and core (stability ball) sets repeated 3 times. I added a bonus round for those of you at a more advanced fitness level.

Print the workout here and watch me demonstrate in the video below…

Miguel’s 224 Burpee Challenge! (Video)

My most recent Facebook contest resulted in me getting stuck with 224 Burpees on my to do list! I neglected to include a “one comment per person” disclaimer, oops…LOL!

(You can CLICK HERE to see the whole original Facebook post)caption contest pic

Needless to say – I had fun making this video for you guys, which I shot in one continuous take over the course of 30 minutes…check it out –>>

Marine Miguel’s 31st Birthday Workout

I had the best time ever in Vegas celebrating my 31st Birthday last weekend!

It was so fun playing roulette with my Facebook friends too! If you aren’t one yet go here:

Check out the view from our suite on the 31st floor (coincidence?) overlooking almost the entire strip:


     Phenomenal view…right?!

Of course you know I had to work out…so in honor of my 31st Birthday I came up with a special workout for you guys. Make sure you perform my awesome Dynamic Warm-Up before this (and every) workout that you do.

Print workout & watch the video below to see me demonstrate it for you…

Marine Miguel’s Dynamic Warm-Up

The number one reason for falling off the “fitness wagon” is laziness, but the second reason is INJURY! So if you are not lazy and want to avoid injury, do my “Dynamic Warm-Up” before every workout or run, it’s what I do, it’s what my clients do and it will save you unnecessary pain and suffering!

click to watch me in ction

click dynamic

Print Warm Up Here


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