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Marine Miguel’s 13 Minute Leg Workout

Hi guys – it’s Thursday so you know what that means…a new work out video for you!  This one’s going to target some of the most calorie burning muscles in your body. Do it regularly and you will see awesome results!

Play video for demonstration and print out exercise check list here:

The Best Way to Tie Your Shoes


So it turns out that not everyone knows this…runners tie their shoes differently from everyone else and it is BETTER!

Marathon runners

So I shot this quick video for you guys and it will change your life!


Spartan Camp Training | Hercules Pull


One of the most difficult challenges in a race can be the Hercules Pull…I’ve seen people get really frustrated out on the course – arms are tired and shaky and frustration sets in. There is a super easy technique you can implement to bring this obstacle to it’s knees – check out my video…

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Spartan Camp Training | Vertical Rope Climb

The “Vertical Rope Climb” is always a real challenge for people in obstacle racing, however using the right technique makes it so much easier! Check out my video… AROO!

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rope climb

Calling All Spartan Chicks!

Calling All Spartan Chicks!

Want to get in the best possible condition for the SoCal Super Spartan? I will be holding a Spartan Chick Boot Camp at my gym, filled with awesome tips and techniques you can use to dominate your obstacles – see below for details –>>

Miguel’s Spartan Camp | 31125 Via Colinas #901 | Westlake Village, CA 91362

Saturday, January 21st at 9:30am | $10 Donation for Wounded Warrior Project

Spartan Chicks


Check out my client Candy – from couch potato to AMAZING Spartan Chick…

12 Days of FIT-MAS Challenge


The 1st annual 12 Days of FIT-MAS Challenge was a huge success!


If you missed the Event on my Facebook page or fell off the fitness wagon – do not fear – you can start this challenge over at any time. Let’s get motivated, get off the couch and do this challenge together – you’ll thank me later!
Here’s your list of exercises:

Day 1: 1 Mile Run
Day 2: 2 Spiderman Lunges(each side) + Day 1
Day 3: 3 Tripod Twists(each side) + Day 2
Day 4: 4 Plank Up-Downs(each side) + Day 3
Day 5: 5 Squat Jumps + Day 4
Day 6: 6 T-Ups(each side) + Day 5
Day 7: 7 Supermans + Day 6
Day 8: 8 Mountain Climbers(each side) + Day 7
Day 9: 9 Side Lunges(each side) + Day 8
Day 10: 10 Push-ups + Day 9
Day 11: 11 Body Weight Squats + Day 10
Day 12: 12 Burpees! + Day 11

check out the vid

Day 1 – 12

post progress

Caught Cheating

You know the old saying, “Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win”…but when it comes to food and eating within strict guidelines there may be something to be said for cheating.  What?!  It’s true…

Some studies have indicated that your metabolism can benefit from surprise calories on a occasion and I think that having a ‘cheat day’ can provide mental relief for some people. So instead of saying to a friend at dinner on Thursday,  “No, I can’t have cheeseburgers”, even though you want one – which feels depressing, you can say “I will have a Cheeseburger on Sunday, I’ll have a salad today”.  A lot of people eat that way, with rules, to prevent over indulgence.


Thousand Oaks Fitness Personal Trainer


If you do decide to have a cheat day or cheat meal make sure it’s out of the house so you do not have to buy and store the tempting items at home.

I read an article once about a famous slim celebrity who said she rotates between a very strict diet for one

12 Easy Ways to Prevent & Treat Muscle Soreness

Everyone experiences sore muscles sometimes – it’s how you know you

really had a good workout right?  Well, here are some awesome ways to

reduce your discomfort…




Things you can do before your training session


Hydrate This should go without saying, but people forget. Drinking plenty of water is one of your best defenses against muscle soreness. I recommend 96 ounces per day to my clients.

Front-load your nutrition The food you eat before you workout is the fuel that your body will use to repair your muscles. Make sure to get plenty of good nutrition the day(s) before a heavy training session. A good rule of thumb for your macronutrient ratios the day before training is 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats. This should serve as a starting point for individual experimentation. The day of your training session you should be eating a diet high in protein, complex carbs, and “good, healthy” fats.

Wave Goodbye to Underarm Flab

Because Flab Ain’t Fab…


Many of my female clients have a major issue with “wing flap” syndrome – the loose area of skin beneath the bicep that tends to have a mind of it’s own sometimes!

Here are 5 very effective moves you can add to your daily fitness regimen with ease…and keep in mind that you will need to do these exercises daily for about 21 days before you will start to see awesome results.




One of the beacons of old-fashioned exercise enthusiasts, push-ups provide all sorts of benefits. To tighten and tone your underarms, you’ll want to place your hands close together on the ground. Once in the push-up position (on your toes or knees, torso straight and arms extended out to hold your weight above the ground), lower your body to the ground. As you go down, keep your elbows against your side. Once your chest touches your hands, push yourself back to the starting position, careful to keep your elbows by your side throughout the motion. Go for three sets of 8 to 15 repetitions each.



Looking for another easy triceps-shaper that you can do no matter where you are? Dips fit the bill nicely. To perform dips, find a weight bench, an ottoman or a couple of sturdy chairs. Facing away from the bench, bend down and place your hands behind you on the bench. Place your legs directly in front of you, the heels of your feet resting on the ground. Slowly lower your body until your arms make a 90-degree angle. Push yourself back to the starting position and repeat 8 to 10 times. Go for 3 sets.


Snack Attack!

westlake village boot camp

I recently posted this question on my Facebook Page and
got some great responses I thought I’d share.  Feel free to
“Like” my page if you haven’t already and share a couple
of your own ideas!





Personal Training by Miguel

A lot of my clients have trouble getting in healthy snacks, aside from the usual fruit, string cheese, nonfat yogurt…What are your faves??


   westlake village boot camp

  • Janet DeForest Fish – I like a small serving of low fat cottage cheese. It’s filling and stays with me for a while. Sometimes if I have it, some fresh pineapple on the side rounds it out perfectly. It really isn’t a lot, but does work.

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  • westlake village boot camp

    Sydney Liebes – Go to Costco and get individual sabra hummus packs and individual packages of baby carrots! Portion control, delicious and nutritious! Apples and peanut butter are always tasty… cottage cheese with avocado or tomato… Edamame is sold now on microwavable steam packages at Costco too! Woo hoo! So many choices!

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  • westlake village boot camp

    Patrick Bulger – I like a tall glass of coconut milk. Healthy, slightly sweet, and remarkably filling!

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  • westlake village boot camp

    Candy Ward Nawroth – I don’t like snacks, too overwelming trying to figure out what I should have…hummus? Still confused about hummus. Good for you? Sydney – thanks for the costco tips, going to get the edamame!

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  • westlake village boot camp

    Personal Training by Miguel ‎@Candy – hummus is good for you, its even better for you if you make it yourself in the food processor, so easy. Here’s a link to a recipe:
    You can skip the tahini if you don’t have it.

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  • westlake village boot camp

    Personal Training by Miguel I also love almond butter from trader joe’s with apple or celery, however if weight loss is your current goal, nuts and nut butters should be consumed sparingly if at all.

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  • westlake village boot camp

    Cathy Ward Jones – frozen grapes are a good summer treat and also, take a graham cracker break in half and spread a layer of cool whip between to make a sandwich and freeze

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  • Personal Training by Miguel ‎@Cathy- not sure about the cool whip…lol…but Frozen Grapes ROCK! Forgot about those…what a great treat and grapes are a very low glycemic index fruit. These ideas are awesome!

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  • Cathy Ward Jones – using sugar free cool whip!

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  • Cathy Ward Jones – what is edamame? we don’t have costco here is it only there?

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  • Karina Giselle Fuentes – watermelon and strawberries! Yum!

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  • Karina Giselle Fuentes – I also like chopped cucumbers and tomatoes with lime and a little bit of tajin seasoning 🙂

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  • Personal Training by Miguel Yummy ideas! Edamame are soy beans, here’s a link for more info:
    They are available at many grocery stores now.

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