Is Your Why Big Enough?

Hanging out with my dad is always such an inspiration, we don’t sit and talk too often – but when we do its awesome! Discussing motivation the other night, my dad stopped me dead in my tracks with this little gem….I had to record him explaining it so I could share it with you.

Thousand Oaks Boot Camp Personal Trainer asks Is Your Why Big Enough?

This is the single most important question you need to ask yourself if you want to change life or your health and fitness…

Marine Miguel’s Double-Pump Countdown Workout

This awesome workout I put together this morning will get your heart rate up fast! Max cardio and max fat burn in minimum time…

Even the “King of the Pump” – would be proud. Winking smile

DP Arnie

The Bitter Truth About Sugar!

If you haven’t heard already, you need to know more about sugar. It’s in almost everything you eat, and some doctors go so far as to call sugar a toxin. The average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar a year, much of which is in your beverages! Sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from obesity & heart disease to cancer.


Marine Miguel’s 31st Birthday Workout

I had the best time ever in Vegas celebrating my 31st Birthday last weekend!

It was so fun playing roulette with my Facebook friends too! If you aren’t one yet go here: www.Facebook.com/PersonalTrainingbyMiguel

Check out the view from our suite on the 31st floor (coincidence?) overlooking almost the entire strip:


     Phenomenal view…right?!

Of course you know I had to work out…so in honor of my 31st Birthday I came up with a special workout for you guys. Make sure you perform my awesome Dynamic Warm-Up before this (and every) workout that you do.

Print workout & watch the video below to see me demonstrate it for you…

My favorite drink – coconut water!

coconut_tree2My absolute favorite after work-out drink is Coconut Water!

Why? After training we become dehydrated causing us to lose electrolytes found in our body. We need to replace fluids and electrolytes regularly to help avoid headaches, muscle cramping, and fatigue. Coconut water contains some of the same electrolytes found in blood, and is a good source of Potassium.

Throughout history, coconut water has been used to prevent and treat dehydration — and it has been shown to be more effective than plain water for hydrating. Real Coconut Water is refreshing and delicious, and is a nutritional powerhouse, too (just see its nutrition label!).

Not all beverages are hydrating, either because they contain too much sugar or have caffeine, which is a diuretic (pulling water from our bodies).

Marine Miguel’s Progressive Interval Treadmill Workout

It’s free work out video Thursday! This one is guaranteed to incinerate fat and really make you sweat! It will also pump up your metabolism with a thermogenic calorie furnace effect – lasting hours if not days after you finish it!
Play video for demonstration and print out exercise check list below:

4 Tactics for Faster Fitness Results

Have you ever been frustrated over a lack of results from your workout routine? If so, you are in good company. Even the most seasoned athletes experience times when their results plateau.

When you continue to put in the same effort day after day with little or no results it is safe to say that you’ve hit your own fitness plateau. Your body adapts quickly to any repetitive routine (which is why I constantly change my clients workouts to keep the body guessing and changing). The definition of ‘insanity’ is to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results. This holds true for your workouts. When your results stop then it’s time to do something new.

I have good news – the following 4 tactics are guaranteed to crank your workouts up to the next level and to deliver the fast results you want!

Tactic #1: Focus on Negatives
Each time that you do a weight lifting repetition you are utilizing three types of strength. These are:

  1. Positive strength: the motion of lifting the weight.
  2. Static strength: holding weight in a contracted position.
  3. Negative strength: the motion of lowering the weight.

Most people completely miss the benefit of the negative in each repetition by allowing the weight to drop quickly with little control. It is understood that the negative portion of a repetition is just as important as the positive portion, and possibly more important.
Focus on the negative portion of each repetition by lowering the weight very slowly. Concentrate on the negative contraction, and make each repetition count.
If you are advanced, then use a training partner to assist you in moving heavier-than-normal weight into a contracted position, then lower it very slowly.
Another way to utilize negative repetitions on a machine is to lift the weight using two limbs but then lower it with just one. For example, use both legs to lift the weight on a leg extension machine, but then lower it back down slowly using only one leg.

Tactic #2: Do a Drop Set
Drop sets have long been used to fight off exercise plateaus. This technique is great for adding muscle strength, endurance and for increasing the cardiovascular benefit of your workout – resulting in more fat burn.
Here, in a nutshell, is how to do a drop set: When you perform an exercise to exhaustion, don’t stop there. Drop the weight by 80% and do another set.
You could take it a step further by dropping the weight twice, making it a double drop. Or drop the weight three times for a descending drop set.
Use this technique only once or twice per workout, on the final set of the exercise.

Marine Miguel’s 15-5 Workout

This week’s workout video is extra awesome – guaranteed to make you feel the burn and leave you in an increased metabolic (calorie burning) state for 12-24 hours after you complete it.  Enjoy it and pass it on to your fb friends with a share below. Smile
Play video for demonstration and print out exercise check list below:

Marine Miguel’s Bun ‘n Guns Workout


It’s free work out video Thursday! This one is guaranteed to improve the booty and the arms….make sure you print the work-out below and perform it in the order indicated for maximum burn!
Play video below for demonstration…

And the Winners are…

Congratulations to Gina, Mira, Connie, Ashley & Cathy!


T2Win Winners

  • 2 One-on-one Personal Training sessions with Miguel


  • Kettle Bell – your choice of weight

  • A pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps

  • IPOD Shuffle

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